Honest feedback from 1 year living as an expat in Amsterdam

Food 7/10:

Museums (9/10):

Van Gogh Museum:

Picture by Daniel Caceiro

Anne Frank's House:

Weather 7/10:

Picture taken by Daniel Caceiro at Amsterdam Nieu West

Shopping 9/10:

Safety 10/10:

Housing Market 2/10:

Public Transport (9/10):

Weed (6/10):

Language 7/10:

  • Dutch is a hard language for a Brazilian: there's nothing we can relate, to find an extra resource
  • Pronunciation is really specific. Some letters have really different sounds from what we're used to in English or Portuguese, like the G (Wikipedia article)
  • Dutch people have low tolerance on broken dutch: They switch to english almost immediately when they see that you struggle, which makes it more difficult to practice.

Parks 8/10:

Bike-friendly 9/10

Multicultural (6/10)

Beer 9/10

Bureaucracy 10/10



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